Vision of the School

The vision of St. Vincent Pallotti School stands to fulfil the dream of St. Vincent to mould individual who will manifest themselves before the world as images of God, genuine and loyal citizens India permeated by the patriotic spirit, a sense of responsibility toward fellow human beings and traits of a dynamic leadership who will shoulder the responsibility of nation building tomorrow,. The mission and vision of St. Vincent Pallotti is imbibed in this endeavour and we are committed to protect the religious, social, cultural and secular fabrics of our society while directing individual for an all round holistic growth. The trajectory of a child's education in St. Vincent Pallotti School envisages a wide range of learning opportunities in academics, athletics, performing arts, and extra-curricular activities while stressing on orienting oneself with Christian values, a heart to empathise with the people who live on the edges of the society and above all true wisdom that leads to self realisation by which one individual is able to radiate positive energy, vibes of a emotionally well balanced disposition and happiness and contentment.